Organic Emergency Food

Organic emergency food may just be what you are after for an emergency event if you want clean and healthy food that can sustain you for long lengths of time. This is a great option if you don’t want to rely on heavily-processed foods to keep you going and they provide much better nutritional value. Organic food is grown agriculturally and is to be free from the use of chemicals and additives such as pesticides and growth hormones. These chemicals can be harmful to your body and accelerate the development of diseases and hinder your chances of survival.


How Can You Find It?

Seeds are one of the best organic emergency foods you can get your hands on and can produce a lot of plants to keep you sustained for long periods of time. One of many advantages related with these seeds is they can be properly used on a continuous basis, offering you food every time and giving you assistance to save money too. This way, you won’t need to purchase any more survival seeds in the approaching years as you can recycle the new seeds that some plants will produce for you. Pinto beans have an abundance of fiber which aids balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels and lentils are also a good option too. Dried beans are a great food staple for a lot of reasons and proper rotation is the best way to make certain that the food is fresh because non-canned items must also be rotated to make sure freshness.

Organic Emergency Food

Organic food bar products are an ideal option for a healthy, active lifestyle along with being the ideal emergency food. They are very light-weight and easy to transport around and many of these items can be consumed with no need for cooking. These products can be purchased if you want to be more prepared but you can also make your own. Brown rice is full of minerals including selenium, manganese, iron, and magnesium, as well as the various essential fatty acids and B-complex vitamins along with substantial levels of fiber.

Organic Emergency Food Storage

Organic emergency food product manufacturers must follow strict guidelines to eventually become certified, and that process not merely includes inspection about what goes in the products, but in addition, where and how they’re made. Some pesticides are extremely toxic and they’ve been implicated in the progression of some cancers so there are many regulations in this industry that manufacturers must adhere to. Your long term food storage plan involves acquiring a calendar year’s supply worth of life-sustaining foods that have a very long shelf-life in case you won’t have access to food for some time.

The best ways to store organic emergency food are in cool and dark environments so that your food isn’t exposed to heat and light which can make it spoil. This will also be dependent on your situation and whether you have access to things such as electricity, water, and shelter. If you are a prepper, you could have a bunker constructed out of concrete with an internal storage room that will be able to keep your supplies fresh for extended lengths of time.

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